Pressrelease 2020

Nijmegen, 30 juni 2020 

Van Vliet Transport in Vianen and De Klok Logistics in Nijmegen have successfully completed the integration of transport company Van Opzeeland. At the beginning of April the takeover of the subsidiary of Nabuurs started. About sixty employees and trucks have been taken over, as have the clientele. The integration went smoothly.


The acquisition was a great opportunity for Van Vliet Transport (VVT) and De Klok Logistics (DKL), both run by entrepreneur Remco Vos. He says: “This branch of Nabuurs fits seamlessly with our services and that gives us various synergy benefits. We increase the volume and the combination possibilities. The acquisition also means densifying our network. ”


Continuity and employment


An important part of the takeover was communication with Van Opzeeland's customers, who ended up with a new service provider. “We wanted to make this transition as smooth as possible. The customers are used to a high level of service and we naturally want to continue that. Service and performance are of paramount importance to VVT and DKL. The takeover is also good for continuity and employment. ”

Warm welcome


Of course it took some time for the employees of Van Opzeeland to get used to working from Nijmegen or Vianen, instead of Hedel. VVT and DKL have made every effort to ensure a warm welcome. “A program has been started to introduce the employees to our corporate culture. We want to provide a good, safe and pleasant working environment, so that people feel at home and enjoy going to work. VVT and DKL have a wide variety of activities. All in all, the employees responded positively, because we offer them sufficient challenge and future prospects. ”


Employee speaks


Henry van den Berg is one of the acquired employees. After twelve years at Van Opzeeland, he officially joined DKL in early April as an all-round employee. He says: “We sensed that something was going to happen, because the work at Van Opzeeland was slowing down. Fortunately, I was able to work in the same position in Nijmegen. The acquaintance was pleasant, although it was a bit of a search in the beginning. The atmosphere is good and the lines are short. It is a warm nest, everyone is helpful and open to questions. And you see that investments are being made. The trucks are full and the drivers are positive, so that's a good sign. ”




The takeover is a substantial sales step for VVT and DKL within the growth spurt that fits in with the policy. This gives confidence in the future to management, staff and customers. “We want to continue to serve our customers as well as possible with a high level of service. This step helps us with that. ”