Press release Corona measures 18 October 2020

De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport are proactive in the fight against corona

NIJMEGEN - The corona virus still has the world in its grip. This is also noticeable in the logistics industry. De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport will not give up, but do everything they can to keep employees and customers healthy. For example, a large number of employees have been tested for antibodies and can quickly be tested for corona at a commercial test line.

November 18, 2020

Since the start of the corona crisis, DKL and VVT have applied strict measures. The companies are divided into zones, so that as few people as possible are in a room at the same time. The hygiene measures are clearly visible through the various buildings. A large part of the office staff also works from home. Agreements have been made with customers and drivers about avoiding contact during delivery. But that's not all.

Test for antibodies

Owner Remco Vos likes to act proactively. He explains: “Of course we don't know everything about the virus yet. But you will probably produce antibodies if you have already been infected. As a result, you will hopefully become infected less quickly next time and you are expected to become less ill. That was reason for us as an employer to have our employees tested for these antibodies voluntarily and free of charge. If you know that antibodies are already present in the body, this provides a form of reassurance. It is especially nice to know this for older employees. Of course, the guidelines of the RIVM will still apply. ” A specialized company recently conducted this allergen test with DKL and VVT employees. Ten percent of them turned out to have antibodies, despite the fact that they had not really been ill. This was received positively.

Rapid corona test

Recently, DKL and VVT have made it possible to have employees with complaints tested quickly at a commercial test street. The test result is known within twenty minutes. Remco: “This allows us to bypass the long queues at the GGD. It is nice for our employees to know quickly whether they are infected. And of course for us as an employer too, because we want to keep corona out as much as possible. ” All employees now also have a face mask with the company logo.

Employees speak

• HR employee Cas van Tilburg: “DKL is serious about the corona measures. In my department, mudguards have recently been hung for extra protection. There is a working from home schedule and the people who are there can keep enough distance. I thought the antibody test was a good initiative. I tested positive for antibodies, I probably got sick at the beginning of the corona crisis when I was abroad. It's also nice that DKL makes quick tests possible, so that you immediately know where you stand. ”

• Driver Evert Weelink: “DKL provides good guidelines for preventing contamination. As a driver it is sometimes difficult because you are dealing with many different people. But I always have my face mask on and keep my distance. I also took the antibody test and it was negative. If I have complaints, it is useful to be able to be tested quickly. That is good for your employer and for yourself. ”

About De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport

500 employees work from De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport. There are 250 trucks and the warehouse capacity is around 120,000 m2. The focus of De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport is on offering logistics solutions, such as supply chain, fulfillment and domestic freight transport, supported by advanced IT concepts.