At Van Vliet Transport we not only provide transport, we also work every day in our warehouse and warehouse to store goods and prepare them for shipment. From garden sets that 'overwinter' with us to goods that arrive in the morning and leave the same day, we process it all. But who makes sure that all of this runs smoothly? And what are their working days like? This time we ask Johan, Supervisor in our PW (Public Warehouse).


Hi Johan, what exactly is happening in our Public Warehouse?

In the PW we handle the storage, entry and release of their goods for various customers. So we keep it until we get a signal to leave it. It is also our job to prepare for shipping and dispatch itself. Shipping is of course done by our drivers, so all work to the truck is the responsibility of the PW.


Doesn't every transport company do that?


No, you have many gradations in that. The transport of goods is of course the basis, but often large loads also arrive at us, which we then distribute all over the country with other goods. That is the job of our cross dock. And then we also have the warehouse where we store goods for a long time. Sometimes those months remain, sometimes part of it is left every day.


And what exactly do you do?


I manage the team. I make the planning, make sure that the activities are clear every day. And I think it is important that my colleagues not only do a good job, but also have a good time. In principle, you arrange everything from start to finish.


Are you looking for new colleagues in your team?


Hell yes. We can actually always use toppers. Someone who is flexible and likes that no two days are the same. One moment it can be extremely busy, while the day after the rest has completely returned. You gotta love that. Pop when you have to, but also enjoy when you can. And then you can stop earlier or even celebrate the weekend earlier. We also offer the possibility to work four days as a full-timer. Anything is possible, we always work together.


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